I. Deadlift

3 x 10

Completed: @ 135lbs., then 155lbs., then 175lbs. The goal was to work up to approx. 70% of 1 Rep Max. Last I tested, my 1 Rep Max is 225lbs. The 10 reps at 175lbs. seemed very doable. Never say easy. 175lbs. is the weight at which we competed in Strongman. Max Reps in one minute at 175lbs. I got 22. Knowing this, remember this today, made me feel stronger. I already knew I could do it.

II. 15 Minute AMRAP:

20 Walking Lunges

15 Pullups

10 Burpees

A workout using only your own body weight. Was a gasser. Completed 5 Rounds total.


“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” ― Bob Dylan

It’s funny but I don’t feel like I even hit a WOD today. Probably because I was up and at ACF for the 5:45am class. Another byproduct of my mid-life crisis lust filled affair with FB. And ACF. The gauntlet was laid down via FB post for the 5:45am, and by golly, I was up to the challenge.  But perhaps because we were done so early, by 6:45am, it felt outer orbital. For the rest of the day it felt as if I was in another space-time continuum and thereby, never hit any WOD at all. Which led me to check the website 2 or 3 different times, as is the perusal to view the torture that awaited at the end of the day, only to then remind myself upon reading the WOD, ‘Wait, I already DID that.’


Run 400

30 Walking Lunges (each leg)

25 Burpees


I. Review Kettlebell Swing

II. 3 Rounds For Time:

25 Kettlebell Swings – (70/53)

25 Box Jumps – (20″/14″)

III. Barbell Smash on Calves

Completed: In 9 minutes. Kettle Bells at 35lbs.

The mood this morning was electric. A feeling of, I can do anything!, permeated when the WOD came to a close.

I need to do this again, I thought.

Rock Star status was achieved in my own mind, and the view of the world for the day ahead was one from gratitude, cheer, and good fortune.

Encore Présentation

Three Words: O. M. G.


Group Dynamic


I. “Filthy 50″

For time:

50 Box Jumps (24/20)

50 Jumping Pullups

50 Kettlebell Swings (35lb)

50 Walking Lunges

50 Knees-to-Elbows

50 Push Press (45lb)

50 Back Extensions

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

50 Burpees

50 Double-Unders

Completed: all the way thru wall balls at 14lbs. Then as I disappeared into Burpees and detached from my surroundings and forgot where I was and wondered if what I had for lunch would make an encore presentation, the clock ran out. I lost count on the Burpees. And stopped. then regained what was left of my shattered composure, and grabbed my rope and completed 50 unbroken single-unders before exiting the Triple-Wide. That’s gotta count for something. People. People. Anyone? Bueller?

So, am I getting stronger? Weaker? Am I doing this all wrong? I’m not really sure. Perhaps this is part of what the 90DC is about, committing and figuring and recalculating and learning. There’s no doubt I feel stronger. But I was also feeling fairly certain I would be able to complete today’s WOD in the 30 allotted minutes. After-all, I was the one who introduced herself in Dean’s square-circle of trust at the beginning of class, as the one whose fav. CF move is Wall Balls.  Wall Balls? Really? The collective subconscious sigh from the class exhaled. Not so much.

“Whose your favorite NOW?’ Dean could have asked, as I looked back at him cross-eyed, wanting to call out for my Mom, right around Wall Ball rep no. 38.