F*ck It.

This is my newest and most favorite t-shirt. Pretty much says everything that needs to be said. I love it. I also love GoodReads.com. Especially searching quotes on GoodReads. In line with my mood for today I entered the following text, 'F*ck It' and hit 'Search.' Below are some of my favorite resulting quotes: “You can spend … Continue reading F*ck It.

End of Summer Throwdown ~ Day 3 of 4

WOD: I. End of Summer Throwdown WOD 3 15 Minutes to Estabish a Max Combined Weight for CrossFit Total -1RM Back Squat -1RM Press -1RM Deadlift *Cannot move on to next movement until both athletes have completed the same movement *No limits on number of attempts, but must be completed within 15 minute cap. Completed: With three awesome partners, … Continue reading End of Summer Throwdown ~ Day 3 of 4