For the Team.

I just want to do better in all areas of my life. Plain and simple.

Friday Night Fights

Nothing like a little friendly competition to get the blood moving. Friendly. Damnit. I'm a competitive person. Call it growing up in a large family with lots of older male siblings, I don't know. But, when the Team WoD's come around, I show up. The gloves come off in my head, and I'm in it … Continue reading Friday Night Fights

Team WOD

Love the team WOD's. Because you work when your partner can't, and vise versa. So it's never really up to you how long a break you can take, because when your partner is done, you gotta pick up the ball and run. Or in this case, the bar bell, or the wall ball, or today, … Continue reading Team WOD

what are you waiting for

“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.” ― Babe Ruth Today I caught a glimpse of the ACF Affiliate Team working. Working hard. Doing movements never dared to dream of. It's pretty impressive. They're like, really, really strong. I'm not going to say they make it look easy, but more, they make it look … Continue reading what are you waiting for


Bottom line on these partner WOD's: I work harder. I lift heavier, I try more. Just do. It all just seems more possible when you're working as a team. Thanks Laura for being an awesome partner today. High five on the PR's! Warm-Up: 3 Rounds 200m run 10 Goblet Squats Completed. WOD: I. Overhead Squats 3 – … Continue reading Completed

Team WOD

Warm-Up: Group Dynamic Warm-Up WOD: I. AMRAP in 30 Minutes with Partner: 5 Push Press (135/95) 10 Overhead Lunges (45/25) 20 Grasshoppers Completed: with the most awesome team ever.  9 rounds total. Press at 75lbs. *Only 1 athlete moving at a time. Partner 1 must complete their round before Partner 2 can go. II. 3 Sets: 10 Weighted AbMat Situps 10 Hip … Continue reading Team WOD

Saturday Team WOD

Team WOD results:  Station 1 - Box Jumps and overhead hold: Box jumps @ 20" and Over head hold @ 25lbs.: Total reps 176. Station 2 - Back squats @ 75lbs., team held during reps: Total reps 169. Stations 3 - 14lbs. Wall Balls and pull up hold: Total reps 194. Station 4 - 250 Meter row: Total … Continue reading Saturday Team WOD