Nothing much to say except the POSE seminar by Kevin today was flat out awesome. Invested some 3.5 hours at CF today, and it was time beyond well spent. What an incredible resource, and he’s all ours. Running has always been the nemesis, suddenly, now that it has been broken down, to movements and muscles, and gravity, it doesn’t seem so terrible. In fact, it actually seems doable. Go on now, yes, it’s true. I feel the challenge gurgling, and feel armed to meet it.

Started the day with the 11am WOD:


I. “Daniel”

For time:

50 Pullups

400m Run

21 Thrusters (95/65)

800m Run

21 Thrusters

400m Run

50 Pullups

Completed: in 19:34. Thrusters at 50lbs. Pullups scaled to ring pull ups. After thrusters yesterday was certain couldn’t go 55lbs. again. Might have been a mistake. But, overall, feel excellent. Even though the left side was definitely beginning to fail towards the very end. Gonna say it again, there’s something about Thrusters that I actually like.

*30 Minute Time Cap

II. Foam Roll

Also today during the POSE class, KeHo had a moment, which is now forever stuck in my brain. He said picture a horse or a dog running, their legs are moving at full speed underneath, but their torsos remain relatively still, not a lot of bobbing up and down. Picture a hotdog, sprinting across the horizon. And therein is my new Goal: Be the hotdog.