Wednesday – GraceDay

Beginner Option:
30 clean and jerks for time
30 snatches for time

Men: 75 lb.
Women: 55 lb.

CFHQ says, if you’re aiming to do it right: complete Grace in under 5 minutes. My squat is still for shit, but I can Clean, and so I did: Grace at 55lbs. in 4:38.

If it was a WOD with squat cleans, I’d still be on the PVC and typing to you tomorrow afternoon about what happened tonight.

Afterwards I did 10 front squats and 10 back squats with the 35lbs. bar, all to a med ball, just to get used to the motion of a forced full squat. While I did not put the bar down between reps, the squats were not unbroken. As I’m moving through the reps I think things like: I’m too old for this, just give up, what’s the point, I can’t squat anymore, I’m too old for this, I’m going to hurt myself. The “too old for this” mantra kept repeating over and over in my head. But I pushed through nonetheless. F it. Gotta do something.

The Bear Complex is one of my all-time-favorite-WODs. At some point will revist. DT is my all-time-favorite-hardest-WOD, not sure when I’ll be revisiting that. Perhaps that should be a goal. Even during my fittest CF days, I was never able to complete DT at the women’s RX weight. I’ve also never had a pull up. We will see. That’s it for today.


saucy pants no more

I’ve been drinking the cool-aid so much recently… hitting the WOD’s and high-fiving a bunch of PR’s and feeling like I can do just about anything. That’s right, anything. Alas, sure enough – Just as I get all saucy pants, a WOD comes along and I can’t even finish.

Just to be clear: This has not happened in a while. And it does not feel very good. Suddenly my beloved CF becomes an adversary, and in reaction to it I feel standoffish, resentful, trying to act all cool like, whatever, ‘Go on ahead and do whatever you want.. see if I care.’


But once I get over my own ego. And this does not happen instantly. And once I get over… my own ego…I realize it’s moments like these when It’s time to pick myself up and dust my ass off (after all its been handed to me but I won’t take it because I have my pride so it gets dropped to the floor in a pile of dust at which point I still refuse to reach down and pick it up), that I wake up to the reality that there is no finish line, you can always do better, and instead of treating these moments like a trip to Hoffman’s for an ice-cream cone, maybe if I really want to grow past my own mediocrity I should start showing up for what it is I think I really want.


Junkyard Dog Warm-Up


I. “DT”

5 Rounds For Time:

12 Deadlifts (155/105)

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

Completed: 4 Rounds @ 75lbs. And the buzzer rang. Just to be clear, the WOD called for 5 rounds in 15 minutes. Suck-it.

*20 Minute Time Limit

II. Heavy Prowler Sprints

These are fun.