The final 5K of the week. end.

This morning came wicked quick. 6:03am on a Sunday morning after getting up early yesterday for a rainy Friehofer’s Run was not easy. I’ll admit, if this wasn’t for work, not sure I would have made it.

But soon as some of our best volunteers and friends started arriving, smiling their most welcoming and warmest of smiles, the birds began to chirp, the clouds began to part.  And we were off.

I’m convinced my Garmin is biased. Because I secured another PR today. Not sure what’s in the air recently.  But, here it is, an avg. 9:22 minute mile in all its glory.

The most enjoyable part for me being the splits. Like, where the heck did 9:04 minute miles come from?

Not sure I recognize myself. Two 5K’s in one weekend. But am definitely enjoying the feeling of this newbie.



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