Team WOD

Love the team WOD’s. Because you work when your partner can’t, and vise versa. So it’s never really up to you how long a break you can take, because when your partner is done, you gotta pick up the ball and run. Or in this case, the bar bell, or the wall ball, or today, the 25lbs. bumper.

Just gonna insert this obvious statement here too. Because in talking with folks, seems we’re all over committed and running around like a bunch of crazy people from one obligation to the next. So, here goes the obligatory: work, busy, blah, blah, stress, blah, blabbittty, blah blah BLAH. And in the middle of all of it, left and hit the noon WOD today. Even meant I couldn’t get a shower in before my event tonight. Nothing some perfume and lotion, and dry shampoo can’t mend. I’m just going to keep telling myself no one noticed. Peeps did say I looked great, but maybe that’s just cause I was happy I took back part of my day to get my ass kicked and to tune out of the blah blah.


I. With a partner, AMRAP in 15 Minutes

10 Overhead Lunges (45/25)

10 Pullups

*One Partner moving at a time

Completed: 17.5 rounds. That’s 8.5 rounds each! At RX no less. 25lbs. bumper. Dean said I could. And he was right. Sometimes it takes someone saying you can do something to know it yourself too.

Rest 5 Minutes

II.  With a partner, AMRAP in 15 minutes

10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

10 Burpees

*One Partner moving at a time

Completed: 15 Rounds total. 7.5 each. Again at RX, 35lbs! just gonna say, had the best partner ever, TJ. He is a burpee machine. You’d think he has wings. Up, down, up down.  In the time it takes me to do one, he’s well into two or three. Great way to compliment the day. Word.

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