5K Saturday

Another 5K today. This time the course was flat. Wore my super cool fancy watch. Took me a long time to step up and buy it. There was some guilt, followed by rationalization. Cause I’m all about the gear. So glad I took the plunge because I simply wuv it. It gives me heart rate and pace and time and distance and GPS and 10 wings, medium, extra crispy. Even has a ‘Get me home’ feature, in case you ever get lost, it’ll guide you back home. S’rously.

So why is it, if I love it so much, and check, and re-check it throughout the duration of the run, do I forget to hit ‘Stop’ when the race is over? (And thereby accurately capture all the race data for which I purchased the damn thing initially for anyway…) Excellent question. Maybe I’m just so glad to be crossing the finish line, that everything else simply goes out the mental window. I’m certainly meticulous about hitting start when crossing the ‘Start’ line, because heaven forbid the chip times are inaccurate. But crossing the ‘Finish’ not so much. And sure enough, today, I forgot to stop the timer, so while I wondered around and drank some water and handed in my race chip, the clock was still running. And therefor, my times are inaccurate. C’est la vie.

Feels like I missed an opportunity here. 9:22 minute mile. Not bad, yes. But, I want more. More, I say. Better. Then take a look at my splits:

9:00 minute mile in mile two? Who Am I? Wowee. Fun to see. Then again, please notice mile 4. And all of its 13 minute mile glory. Catching your breath and high-fiving your peeps takes time. As well it should. Word.

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